Belly Hole Freak / Roots Machine

Vendredi 16 juin 2017
Ouverture: 20h-00h
Entrée: 7.-

Belly Hole Freak (one man band)

“Born under the bad sign of a dirty blues crazy wind, Belly Hole Freak one man band has moved to a new set basically influenced by delta blues, Dixieland, Country, Boogie inspired by giants as Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits…..and many more.

The intent of Belly Hole Freak is to use a theatrical language melted into the music, trying to communicate trough “nonsense” funny words.

Immagine a mime who start talking without knowing any world, give him a guitar, a stomp and a microphone, think about an old circus of the 30’s, fell this surrealistic atmosphere….

than you could meet Belly Hole Freak screaming and laughing.

Belly Hole Freak: Guitar – Voice – “Marciela Segunda” Footboard Stomp – Hi Hat – Cowbell – anklets cymbals – kazoo”

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Roots Machine (Blues garage)

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